How much does it cost to evict tenants from my property?

Costs depend on the time and resources required to gain access to the property and remove the tenants plus their belongings. 

Evicting a single tenant with a few personal belongings residing in a small one bedroom basement will be much lower compared to evicting multiple tenants with pets, residing in a fully furnished two story, four bedroom home with a garage packed full of belongings.  

Each circumstance varies so we only ask for a nominal deposit to schedule the eviction.  After gaining access to the property and assessing the situation, we will be in a better position to let you know if additional payment is required.

How long does the process take?

Once the Writ has been filed it will only take a couple of days to have the eviction completed.

What if the tenants won’t go?

The Court Bailiffs are working on behalf of the Supreme Court and if required we will bring in the RCMP to remove the tenants, Your Supreme Court orders the Court Bailiff to remove the tenants.

What happens to the tenant’s goods?

The tenant’s goods will be put into storage for 30 days at the landlord’s expense, the tenant must pay the storage to redeem their goods. If the tenant does not redeem their goods in the 30 days the goods will be sorted and sent to auction if any value.

Can I store the tenant’s goods in my storage unit?

No the items must be removed from the property to another storage facility to give vacant possession back to the Landlord.

Can the Court Bailiff collect unpaid rent during the eviction?

A no, to collect unpaid rent, you must apply with RTB for a Monetary Order, which is then served on the tenant, if no payment, landlord can them go to Small Claims court and apply for an Order for Seizure and Sale for the court Bailiff to collect or seize assets if they have any.

Can I be on site during the eviction?

No, we do not allow landlords on site during an eviction as the tenants are very upset and can take their aggression out on the landlords.

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