Court Bailiff Services

Our experienced team of administrators and Court Bailiffs will help you through the entire process, from the serving of notices to executing the Writ of Possession and everything in between.

Court Ordered Seizures

Do you have a monetary judgement against a person or company? Let us help you obtain and enforce an Order for Seizure and Sale. From Seizure and removal to auctioning assets, we handle it all.

Commercial Evictions / Rent Distress

Our commercial division, Integrated Bailiff Services, can help you with your commercial tenant issues. Click here to be redirected to our Commercial site.

Auction Services and Liquidations

Whether it’s high-end art or a television, we get the maximum value for seized assets. Visit us now to browse our current inventory on the auction block.

Repossessed Vehicle Sales

When the banks lose, you win. Everything from cars and trucks to travel trailers and boats, we liquidate repossessed assets FAST. Visit us now to get instant access to the largest inventory of repossessed vehicles in BC.

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